• Riders will participate in the age category as per the age that they will be on the 31st December of the current year
  • No 6 or 20-year-old riders will be permitted to participate
  • Any rider participating in the incorrect race or with the incorrect race board will be disqualified
  • All riders must ride under their school name that they are registered at
  • No rider is permitted to represent a school that they are not registered at
  • Under the schools act, home-schools are not defined as a school and therefore will need to register to a schools team to participate in the League
  • Home-school riders must represent a school and/or wear the school kit and be registered for sport at the school. Click here to read more
  • All riders that are not representing a bona fide school will be seen as “ghost riders” and will not be seeded, awarded points or qualify to podium
  • A rider that is participating at a regional event where their school is not part of the provincial district must inform the registration crew of this and will be seen as a “ghost rider” and will not be allocated schools points, be seeded or qualify to podium
  • Riders not adhering to event rules can and will be disqualified under the discretion of the head commissaire and/or race director


  • 13-year old riders registered at a high school will participate in the Sub Junior HS (JP) category and will be eligible to qualify for the Spur MTB League Inter-schools Final.
  • 14-year old riders registered at a primary school will participate in the Sub Junior PS (JH) category and will not be eligible to qualify for the Spur MTB League Inter-schools Final.


  • School cycling kit must be worn
  • If the school does not have an official cycling kit, phys-ed or plain shirt may be worn
  • No boldly sponsored or other event kit may be worn


  • The Spur MTB League and/or race director/commissaires reserves the right to remove any rider, parent, teacher, family member or other from a dedicated event area or premises should they be found interfering with official’s event duties
  • The same applies to behavior that is found unacceptable and out of line
  • An official complaint or protest may be submitted to the Chief Commissaire as per the official rules process


  • Only school branded or plain gazebos will be permitted in the feed zone and direct event area
  • No advertising of companies or products will be permitted unless granted permission by the race director
  • It is expected that each individual will clean up after themselves and deposit any waste in provided bins
  • Please note you will only have 3 meter allocation for your Gazebo on the track / feeding zone. If you have more than one Gazebo the rest must be placed behind the one facing the track / feeding zone. If your Gazebo is bigger than 3m ensure the 3m side faces the track/feeding zone.


  • Each region has specific bylaws that pertain to them. See bylaws for more information
  • The Chief Commissaire and Race Director are responsible for running a smooth event and their say is final