At #SpurFest we are going to run a lot of events you probably have not even heard of so this page will give you some idea of what we’re planning. The emphasis is on fun and exposing riders to different disciplines.

For each event we’ll allocate a points table so riders will be earning points in each discipline. The winning school is the one with the most points at the end of the weekend.

Take 1 seriously steep hill, 1 granny gear and a mountain biker. Add to this a bit of skill & strength and you’ve got the ingredients of a serious challenge. The concept is simple. The rider that makes it the furthest up the hill takes the title!  This is fun to watch and to take part…..even beginners can give it a try.

You’ll need lights for this. Better with one on your handlebar and one on your helmet. The trail will get a different feel when the sun has set!

A course of about 150 meters and 2 riders race against each other at the same time. In the old days we used to do this on dirt but we are planning something a bit more modern with some fun obstables on two identical courses.

Get your buddies & choose a team name…teams of 3 riders each.

Grab a polo stick and try to get the ball in the other teams court. First team that gets 3 goals progress to the next round. You are not allowed to put your foot down while playing the ball. One thing is for sure, this is the spectator sport of the year!

Don’t worry, we’re not going as extreme as the World Champs but be sure that there will be some tricky obstacles included. We’ll start with a qualification course and those riders that can clear the A course will move on to the advanced course. The rules are simple. You gain a point for every time you put a foot on the ground/obstacle. This is called a ‘dab’. The rider with the least points win.

A point to point time-trial down a technical route of around 90 seconds to determine the winner. The course will be more enduro oriented so rideable for all. There will be ample time to practice the course but come race time you only have one chance to put together the perfect run.

A big ramp, the biggest dam in South Africa and a long run-up. A contest for distance and one for style. What can go wrong? Bring the pool noodles. And yes, we’ll have lifeguards. If you need to understand why you need a pool noodle, its probably best to join the spectators on shore.

Did you know that your bike can ride on water? Apparently the boys from Grey Bloem knows all about lake-skimming the Gariep. Just race as fast as you can up to the water’s edge and see who can stay above water the furthest.

Bunny hop contests, limbo comps, slow races, wheelie tests, we’ve got loads of activities planned.