League Background

School mountain bike racing has become very popular over the years, with schools competing in races in many areas across the country.

The Spur Schools Mountain Bike League was launched by Spur Steak Ranches and Amarider in 2009 as an initiative to provide regional and national structure in sport at school level. It also aims to stimulate event-planning in the many regions where the sport is not active at school level.

Thanks to sponsorship from Spur, Amarider now funds 11 regions around South Africa with the Inter-schools Final effectively being the “end goal” for schools to work towards during the season.

Into the 8th year, the League is only scratching the surface in terms of participation and reach. ¬†Over 480 schools are now represented across the country and through the facilitation of Amarider and the hard work by local groups a sustainable model is well on it’s way to full development.

The League is currently focused on developing an integrated regional structure, while ensuring the development of local capacity.